Furniture making workshop

gemma! organised a four-part furniture making workshop. Spread out over four weekends, it enabled a small group to make their own furniture...

Make your own furniture? Yes, you can... As part of this multi-day workshop, participants made their own pieces of furniture from scratch. Everybody started off with a building plan and some untreated planks of wood. With each different step in the production process, participants learned about different tools and basic woodwork skills; after sawing, sanding, drilling and gluing, the result was their very own chair or table. Some participants also made small changes, making their creations even more personal.

The workshops took place under the guidance of the design studio zweithaler, and the majority of the materials were very kindly donated by König & Gruber Zimmerei GmbH.

Here you will find some photos of our furniture making workshop.

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Furniture making workshop