About us

Our aim

Through our personal motivation to promote change in the field of integration, we have come together and created a team. We believe in integration as a reciprocal process that provides social and cultural enrichment.

With these ideals in mind, we enable young newcomers to become familiar with Austrian culture through direct encounters, helping them to feel part of our society. At the same time, we offer young Austrians the space to approach other cultures, meet new people and contribute towards a more cohesive society.

In this way, we learn from each other and create a positive and respectful sense of togetherness.

Our offer

Leisure activities We organise and support weekly, regular and varied leisure activities, such as studying, Persian conversation, cultural trips,  cycling, swimming, volleyball, etc. Participation in these activities is not limited to our members, but is aimed at all those who are interested. With a few exceptions, they do not require advance notification and they are always free of charge. We seek to facilitate integration in a natural way …


Management board

Our organisational team consists of: …


Honorary members

Jann Doll Mag. Nicolas Kotzmuth Hubert Hierzmann Michael Raupenstrauch Univ.-Prof.i.R. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Ernst Stadlober Lisa Stadlober-Schuster Dr. DI Nadja Noormofidi Mag. phil. Edith Haidacher MAS, MSC Dr. Andreas Haidacher …


Nominations & prizes

Ort des Respekts 2016: …

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